What’s a Food You Cook Wrong on Purpose?

Someone asked people to name foods they cook wrong on purpose, because they just like them that way.  What do you think?  Are any of these better this way?  And is there anything YOU intentionally cook wrong?

1.  Kraft Mac & Cheese:  Someone said the milk is completely unnecessary.  They only add the butter, so it’s less runny.

2.  Ramen noodles:  They drain almost all the water, so it’s just the noodles.  They only leave enough water to mix in the flavor packet.

3.  Mashed potatoes:  One person said they only mash them a little bit.  Another said they prefer them with the skin on.

4.  French fries:  Most people like them crispy.  But someone said they prefer them undercooked, so they stay floppy and a little raw.  (These people are not to be trusted.)

5.  Breaking spaghetti in half:  You’re not supposed to, because it’s harder to twirl the noodles around your fork.  But it’s not impossible to do, and it saves you the hassle of getting your really big pot out.

6.  Lots of people said they like foods overcooked, or even burnt:  Toast… eggs… popcorn… pasta, to make it really soft… broccoli for the same reason… and burnt hot dogs on the grill.  I do agree that burnt hot dogs are pretty good.  No ketchup, a little mustard, toast the bun… Perfection.

(Reddit / BuzzFeed)

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