I grew up playing Nintendo.  Not to date myself, but I’m just a little bit older than the NES.  So my entire life has been Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and so on.  But even with all that experience I could never hope to be this good…

A 13-year-old gamer in Oklahoma named Willis Gibson just became the first person to EVER beat Tetris.  He goes by the name “Blue Scuti” online (pronounced “Scooty”).

If it’s been a while, each level of Tetris gets faster and faster.  And usually, it just keeps going until you lose.  But there’s a glitch where it can eventually get so fast, the console can’t keep up and crashes.  Until now, only A.I. had been able to do it.

Willis made it to Level 157 before it finally froze up.  You can watch the whole video on YouTube.  When it crashes, he freaks out and starts hyperventilating.  (Here’s the full video.  It happens at 38:54.)

The entire run took 38 minutes and he set several new world records, including highest score at just over 6,850,000 points.

Just a reminder; Tetris on Nintendo came out 34 years ago in 1989, more than two decades before Willis was born.  He says his next goal is to do it again, but try to be more efficient.

(404 Media / Ars Technica)

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