A Man Broke a World Record by Ordering a Drink at 120 Bars in 24 Hours

It’s been a long week–would you dare challenge this guy to celebrate the weekend?

A 69-year-old man in Australia named David Clarkson just broke a world record by hitting 120 different bars in a single day.  The previous record was 99.

He started at a hotel bar in Sydney and spent the next 24 hours walking around to 119 more bars around the city.

The rules said he had to order a drink at each place and consume at least 125 milliliters of each one.  That’s just over 4 ounces, or about a third of a beer.

The rules didn’t say the drinks had be alcoholic though.  So we’re guessing . . . and hoping . . . he mixed in plenty of water.

If he’d had a third of a beer at each place, he would have taken down 40 in a single day.  It looks like he did order beer at plenty of them though, and he finished with a full pint.  (Guinness / UPI)  (Here’s a photo.)

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