A Quarter of Us Still Haven’t Started Our Holiday Shopping

The biggest shopping days of the year are behind us.  And a solid number of us STILL haven’t started our holiday shopping.

Someone polled 12,000 Americans and asked when they normally start buying presents.  Close to a quarter said not until December 1st at the very earliest.

16% said the first half of December, and 7% said the second half.  So that’s 23%.  Another 10% said they don’t usually buy gifts at all.

The same percentage of Americans are super-early shoppers.  23% start buying in September or earlier.  That includes 15% who shop year-round.

Around one in four women are early shoppers, but so are one in five men.

For myself?  I can get everyone gift cards on the 23rd and be juuuuust fiiiiine!

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