America Is Divided–About Whether or Not to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them?

It’s actually impressive that Americans are divided about EVERYTHING… including silly stuff like whether or not to wash new clothes before wearing them.

In a new poll, people were asked if they wash newly-bought clothes before wearing them, and 51% of people said NOPE.  The other 49% said yes.

Some people also EXPLAINED their answers:

1.  “Yes.  You don’t know how many people have handled it.”

2.  “No.  I should, but it’s all down-hill after that first wash, they’re never the same.”

3.  “Yes, if they’re bought in-store.  No, if they’re bought online, and come in sealed product packaging.”

4.  “Yes, but only for undergarments and bathing suits.”

5.  “Yes, if it’s in direct contact with my skin.  Otherwise, no.”

6.  “Yes.  I always find new shirts to be itchy if I haven’t washed them.”

7.  “Yes.  They have chemicals on them for storage and excess dye that should be washed off.”

8.  “No.  But I let them ‘air’ for a few days before I start actually wearing it.”

9.  “No.  Your skin is an excellent barrier for [any bad stuff on] the garment.”

10.  “Yes.  I saw it on an episode of ‘House’… except socks.  Nothing stretches over my foot as nicely as a new, never-been-washed sock.”  (That episode of “House” is from 2005.  In it, a patient almost dies because their “new,” bootleg pants are contaminated with a toxin.  Here’s a clip.)

If you’re wondering, 100% of employees of Live 99.3 say WASH THE CLOTHES.  Don’t be gross.

(Reddit Polls)

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