Apple Is Finally Changing Its Texts to Stop Screwing Over Android Users

Good news if you’re an Android user like me:  Apple is finally changing the way it does text messages.  So your friends with iPhones might stop treating you like a second-class citizen soon.

For over a decade, anyone on an Android has had to deal with several issues when texting people with iPhones.

Photos and videos come through blurry . . . iMessage reactions like “Ha Ha” and “hearting” something come through as text in group chats . . . and your message shows up in a green bubble instead of blue.

Apple just announced they’re planning an update next year that won’t fix ALL of those things.  But it might fix most of them.

Photos and videos from Androids will be higher quality . . . you’ll be able to see when the person is typing, just like when someone has an iPhone . . . and most importantly, one person with an Android won’t completely screw up a group chat.

One thing that probably won’t change is the green bubbles.  An industry expert says blue text bubbles are a, quote, “badge of the Apple tribe.”  So they expect Apple to continue to reserve that color for iPhone users only.

It’s not clear when the software update is coming.  All Apple said is “later next year.”


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