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Radio isn’t glamorous, but somebody’s gotta do it! Instead of Luke Combs’ “When It Rains It Pours” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Bunch of Radio Dorks!”

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Weekday Morning, man,
The show’s startin’ real bad
Microphone’s Broken, so is our Thermostat
But we push through, job to do
Brooke got her parka on
Just sucked another can of Red Bull down
that’s my 7th one
Then we all come alive with the “ON-AIR” Light
Playin’ the same Six Songs thru your whole damn drive

But keep on listening, cuz comin’ up in ten minutes
You could win a Family Four Pack of Garden Show Tickets
Go ahead & call our request line
We won’t’ Play Your Song!

Gonna Broadcast all of our lame Conversations
On a Signal more Spotty than a Dalmatian…
And don’t let a curse word slip
Or we Broke the Law

So If Ya Been Wondering where’s rock bottom of the
Labor Force…
Turn on your local Radio Dorks

And yea, sure there’s been some perks I ain’t gonna lie
Like the Photogragh I got
with the Drummer of Maroon 5
Our Prize Closet’s full, an arsenal
of old Station brand key chains!

But we’ll pay off all you Bills if you Tell us the
“Phrase That Pays”

We’ll keep ya Laughing, Keep ya Cheering
Some “Dead Air”’s only thing that we’re Fearin….

The famous Names we’ll drop, Interviewed Carrot Top!
Doin’ Live Broadcast outside a used Tire Shop
Come Meet us in a Promo Tent, by the Chevron!

And sure our voices may sound as Smooth as glasses!
But our faces fall into the Left Swipe classes
Thats why on all our Zoom Meetings
They want the Cameras Off
Our Studio’s Stained from Years worth of coffee dropped…
On the Floor…

Behind the Station’s Radio Doors!
Like a Pysch Ward…
A Room of Padded Walls,
Makin’ weird Prank calls, like an Old Man Now… “I’m Alan”

Flex our Muscles, Playing Random wacky Sounds… “Hometown!”

So for the Last Time buddy, I can’t give you tickets…
I got one Station Tee & I was Lucky to get it!
You think we’re tight with Taylor Swift?
Well, then you’d be Wrong

My Folks hope this job’s just a Phase, they’re sayin’
“Ain’t no money in it, Better off Brick Laying”
Until I Got that Mid-day Shift, out in Witchita!

Working with tech that’s been here about as Long as Dinosaurs
Just a BUNCH of Radio Dorks!
Less Cool than Peppermint Yorks

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