Dua Lipa Spills The Tea!

Spout Podcast host Tamara Dhia welcomes the sensational Dua Lipa! Known globally for her chart-topping hits, Dua Lipa reveals intriguing insights about her recent collaboration with Henry Cavill, best known as Superman. She eloquently discusses balancing the allure of acting with her unwavering dedication to music, her true passion.

Dua opens up about the thrill of live performances, sharing her favorite song to perform on stage and the unique energy each live show brings. She also shares a candid discussion on why she chose to buy back her publishing rights.

Dua reflects on her journey to self-discovery and authenticity. She talks about how her latest music feels more ‘her’ than ever, shedding light on the personal growth and self-awareness that have shaped her recent creations.

Get a rare glimpse into the thoughts and experiences of Dua Lipa beyond her public persona. Tune in to hear Dua Lipa spouting off about the passion, decisions, and experiences that are just part of what makes her a global music icon.

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