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There’s one Valentine that will never let you down, and she might even pay for the meal too! Instead of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Lunch With My Mom!”

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Got No Valentines lately
Lying in the Bathtub Singin’ Adele Songs
But on the 14th, you won’t find me eating
Alone… No! I’m Gonna… Oooo

Have Lunch with my Mom
Ahhhh, Baby! Doted Upon
With my Old Lady
She’s my plus One… Forever!
Like Senior Prom
Wooo Hooo Hooo!

Our server’s cute & she’s single…
So mom jumps right in!
Don’t Embarrass me mother
She says: “He’s nice & sweet and he…”
…Loves Kids”
How could you?!?
Don’t Get This Wrong, Aint no Love
She Not a Cougar, No!)
There’s nothing much here to see… Just a Mother & Son
Sharin the Same Spoon!
Cheesecake! Oooo!

I dont buy her no fancy chocolates or Jewelry! Oooo!
(Don’t Make it Weird Mommy)

We Share a tray of Oysters, Super Platonically! Mmmm, Mmmm! Yea
(Don’t try to judge me)

I See the Couples Staring, They’re Lookin so confused
I Swear we’re not Dating!
And oh No, come on, the Server’s Gone, I’ve been Waiting…
Need another round of Booze!

Lunch with my Mom! (ooh Ahhh)
Keep my Sunglasses On…
Prayin’ None of my Friends, see me out!
Why’s she Tagging (ohhh no no)
me on her Facebook, now?!?!
I’m screwed! She just ensured
that I’ma die alone! (It’s for certain!)
Like a Valentine’s fish, fileted me!
My Hair, she says she’s not a Fan…
She wants Grandchildren?!
Lunch with My Mom!

And how come, how come, how come did they put our table,
In the center of the Room?? (Ahhhh!)

I got my blazer on!
Dressing too Fancy,
Cuz she’s in a Pink Chiffon!
Ain’t my Suga’ Mama, just my MoM!

It Wasn’t Cupid,
who brought me to this
Good, Triple-Star Steak house!
Ohhh! Pass the Prawns, Mama’s Payin’!

But i’m loving the senior
discounts she provides

She got my Dad waiting, Soo Long
In the Car Outside! (ooo ooo)

Havin’ Lunch with my Mom

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