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Mrs. Claus doesn’t get enough appreciation for running the show in the North Pole. Instead of Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “Mrs. Claus Is Dropping All Our Jaws!”

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Mrs. Claus, Is Dropping All Our Jaws
Mrs. Claus, Labors More than Lamaze
Mrs. Claus, is Santa’s Real Boss
Mrs. Claus, Makes all the Christmas Laws

People sayin’ that Santa’s a Jolly old Fool (Cookie drool)
But maybe he’s just not the sharpest Tool (Just A present mule)
Proudly double-checking on his Christmas List (His wife is Pissed)
Cuz who do ya think, put that together for him (Her spreadsheets are Lit)

Santa’s Workshop is a Warm, Festive Place to Be…
But It’d feel more like a Sweatshop
If it weren’t for Mrs. C!

Mrs. Claus, redeems all Santa’s Flaws
He’s the main course,
But baby, she’s the Secret Sauce
Freshly Baked Cookies
In the shape of Christmas Trees!
As Santa’s dozing off
His workshop’s run by Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus, defies the aging Laws
In her 1000s, Even J-Lo would Applaud
All the Elves, they respect her like a Mafia Don (She Gets Things Done)
Sends Presents out Faster than Amazon
(Her Delivery’s Strong!)

Santa’s at the Mall, in his Easy Chair (eating éclairs)
While his wife’s at work,
Managing the Elf’s Health Care! (It don’t seem fair!)

She’s the Secret CEO of Santa Industries
Mrs. Claus’s Cup of Cocoa,
Would Make Starbucks’ taste like pee!

Mrs. Claus, the Barbie of Christmas
She Slays her Job
Even through, the Menopause!
Santa can’t you see?
When you married her, you peaked
Cuz Christmas would be botched
If it was not for Mrs. Clau

Mrs. Claus, sings out the Christmas Songs
Her Apron On, and she Smells like Cinnamon!
She is so Warming,
That the North Pole’s Melting
Yea, Christmas would be paused
Without this broad named
“Mrs. Claus” oh oh (she’s Chiller than a)
Haggen Dazs, oh oh (Peppermint Kisses)

Just like Beyonce
We all know who run the Sleigh!
So let’s get some Applause for
The “Queen of Christmas” Mrs. Claus

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