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When the office holiday party comes around, you better watch out! Instead of “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Office Party!”

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Interns, Listen To Me…
The Business World, It’s a Mess
But in Mid-December
The Company’s Jingle Bell Bash will Fix Everything…

The Egg Nog is always Sweeter
Outside of your own Work Place
You say you dont want to be there
Just not to the boss’s face
But look at the Snacks they got you
Cheese Plate from the Grocery Store!
Come on, join us in the Break Room
This Wednesday from Two til Four!

Office Party!
Its Mandatory!
Now Christmas is Better
In Ugly Sweaters,
Wit your Colleagues
Let’s all be Forced to Celebrate
With all the Folks ya kinda hate
Egos We’re Stroking
Awkwardly joking

Ya got the Life of the party
They dance up on the table
Some dress like a Christmas Barbie,
Some Come dressed like they Dave Grohl
White Elephant Might Get ugly
The Gifts Here are Not So Great
One present, It Keeps on Buzzing
Who wrapped up their Marital Aid? (Oh no!)

Lord, have Mercy
There’s Karaoke!?
Please save us Jesus
From Tone-Deaf Cleetus
Scream Bon Jovi!
And when there’s no one around to Look,
Sip from the Secret Flask I Snook
Ran Out of Ruffles
First World, the Struggles!
Office Party!

Boss Gives a Speech
Saying Nice Things…
By Minute Thirteen
He’s Still Yammering!?
But soon as old Santa Walks Away
These Naughty Elves will Misbehave
More Christmas Spirits
HR will heart it
Monday Morning!

They Woo’ed us With Food
And catered the grub
Come Take Paper Plates,
From the “Port-Of-Subs”
No Chairs left at hand
You’ll Eat where Ya stand!
The Cookies are two weeks Old

Then Ray Gave Away
His Tickets for drinks
We Start taking shots
Of Peppermint Things
When Pat Closed the Tap,
The Wine Bag was Slapped
And JOE got Jager Bombs!

chug! chug! chug! chug! chug! chug! chug!
chug! chug! chug! (cheer)

Yeah, Under The Tree…
Say who could that Be??
It May be Jean, she
from Accounting,
I Think She’s Sleeping
Heather Don’t got her Wedding Band
That Guy She Came with, Sure Not Her Man!
Cheeks on Da Glass Here, Xeroxing Jack’s Rear
Copy Machine!!

Carols are Sung Here, Mistletoe Hung In
Conference Room B!!

Sales woman Julie, Broke the news To Me,
Told me I Slobbered,
the Boss’s Daughter,
Why did she come Here?
There Goes My Career!
Office Party!!!

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