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When you’re here, you’re family! Instead of Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Olive Garden!” 🇮🇹

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I’m on a hot date, I’d rate it a 10
Cuz the Restaurant that I picked is serving Italian
Mouthfuls of penne, so good it’s a sin
Got us Lady & the Tramping stuff in booth Eleven
At the Olive Garden

Damn that Food
Every bite I Chewed, Keeps liftin’ my mood,
It hit me like a fettucini Quaalude
With my gluten Stacked,
I ate the Breadsticks & they brought ‘em back
Got more baskets than Kobe & Shaq
Like Cialis, once the waiter told me bout their Soup & Salads!
Big Giant Plates, Alfredo in my face
The only limit is your Stomach Space

No Need to hop,
a flight to Venice cuz there is a closer stop,
You could take a Tour of Italy in the mall parking Lot
It’s like Tuscany next to the Bass Pro Shop

It’s Amoré, the staff are my friends,
And I Can tell they’re Thrilled to sing me Happy birthday again,
They do their own Song, While Clapping Their Hands
Cuz they treat you like your family, minus all the nagging
At the Olive Garden

Makes me Moan
Got me saying Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm
Mmmm-Mmmm…. MORE!

Check it…
First, I ate some Calamari & Ziti & didn’t Stop,
Ordered Pasta like a Rapper, with Marinara on Top,
And like New Years all over, the Meat-ball’s gonna drop!

Took a Family Style Lasagna & Slid it into my Chops
Like Alaska’s Plane Doors, got my Buttons about to Pop!
Way the Menu got me Drooling,
the Waiter gon’ need a Mop!

Adam & Eve been sayin’ this is the Garden they REALLY want
Poppin’ bottles inside of a Casual Restaurant
Now hit me with that Freshly Grated Parmesan

Just Imagine the day… yeah
When I go there to propose…
And she will find her ring
Basked Inside her Cheese Raviol’s!

One epic “Cheat Day”, may I recommend
A Lil OG Spot where Pasta-bilities never end
Breadsticks in purses, Snuck like Contraband…
The one place Jo Koy & Taylor Swift could be Seen Laughin
At the Olive Garden

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