One in Seven Americans Have Zero Interest in Seeing the Eclipse

Many people traveled across the country for a chance to see today’s total eclipse.  And that makes some sense–it’s a rare event that won’t happen again here for 20 years.  But other people couldn’t care less.

poll asked more than 35,000 people if they were hoping to see the TOTAL eclipse; and 26% of people said YES, they have made plans to witness it.

Another 27% said they will probably catch it, but don’t have any specific plans.  Another 18% said they’ll miss it, but they “wish they could” witness it.

14% of people said they have no plans to see it, and are NOT interested at all–even if it was passing over their home.  There are a lot of old folks in this category.  Younger people are more interested in checking it out.

This was mainly about the total eclipse, which will arc from Texas, around Indiana and Ohio, and then up to Maine.  But a PARTIAL eclipse will happen throughout the continental U.S., along with most of Mexico and Canada.

Just remember to, y’know…  Not look directly at it unless you’ve got proper eyewear.

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