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It’s been FREEZING this winter 🥶. Instead of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Refrigerated”

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Freaked Out, cuz It’s four below
Where did global warming go?
Dressed like that kid from “Christmas Story”, ya I’m Randy!

These hands, can’t feel where they are
Skin Blue, like in Avatar
Get where, Linkin Park was coming from, cuz I’m so numb!

Cold as an elf,
on the Freezer Shelf,
The Peas in the back
Are havin’ a laugh
When they canceled School
It used to be cool to Me…
But Lately

God why’d ya go & turn the world Refridgerated?
I speed Outside, and icicles, they nearly got my Head Decapitated!
The Cold Goes Right through…
Thermal socks, Winter crocs, Spraying Mace,
On my Face, and my Chest, just to FEEL a little heat cuz…
Polar Fleece & Coffee Drinks but still you’re gonna find me Shakin’
Soo, Soo, Cold *shiver*

Frozen, worse than Elsa’s House
Ice Flows, from my Water Spouts
Can’t you, keep Blizzards where they should be
At Dairy Queen?!

Like Jack Dawson when he Froze
No thanks, to his Girlfriend Rose
My Spouse, sleeps with Fourteen Blankets on
And Leaves me NONE!!!

Went for the mail
But slipped & I fell
I Sprang for a nap
Waterbed broke my Back…
I tried to eat Soup…
But, chipped off a Tooth, EASY!

Worried that a couple toes are gonna need amputation
Been Wondering if it’s possible to thaw Myself out with a Light Cremation?
Defrost this Heart Too
Cuz My Car, Doesn’t Start, Outta Luck,
cuz it’s stuck, in the Snow, droppin’ to my knees,
Keep Shoveling & Grumbling
And yelling at Precipitation
“Snow you blow!”
Shrunken Zone
Down Below
I’m Ken Doll Mode
I’m so Cold

What’s that Statue on the Floor?
Just my, Frozen Labrador
He’s my little Cryogenic Pup, my Stanley Cup!

Crying’s a Fail
My Tears Turned to hail!
My Teeth start to clack
a Jaw twerk attack
So Cold in the Roost,
Chickens Run into KFC…

Walkin’ down the street is kinda feeling like Figure Skating
More Slips & Falls than
An Accident & Injury Attorney ever Litigated!
Just one big Ice Luge
In the Stall, had to Call 911
For some help, I was stuck, cuz my butt got Froze to…
Porcelain & Human Skin’s a Terrible Combination!
Oh, no!

How’s it even Colder than the Weather guy Estimated!?
At Bed time I’ll just
Crawl into the oven like a baby staying Incubated!
My Winter Bedroom
Curtains Drawn, Heaters on, E-Blanket,
Fire’s Lit, Whiskey Sip, But I still feel Chills and…
Tragically the Kool Aid man’s guts got Glaciated! (OH YEA!)
Snow Coned Bro

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