The Five Neediest Dog Breeds, According to a Veterinarian

If you’re thinking of adding a fur baby to your family, consider doing some research on the breed beforehand.  A veterinarian listed the five NEEDIEST dog breeds to have.  Of course, all pets require attention and lots of love, but these five come with a few more vet visits, insurance claims, and medical predispositions.

Here they are, ranked:

1.  French Bulldog:  They tend to have neck, knee, and back problems, and heart issues.  Since they have a flat snout, they usually have breathing problems.  They also require special grooming products or food to keep their skin in good condition.

2.  Chihuahua:  They’re sassy and confident.  They also are prone to heart and eye diseases.

3.  Labrador Retriever:  They have endless energy and get into things.  They are prone to issues with their paws and knee joints.

4.  Great Dane:  They require a lot of food, and are prone to cancers and heart disease.  They also need their nails trimmed regularly.

5.  Dachshund:  Some have a “Napoleon complex“, meaning they’re aggressive to compensate for their small size.  They also require exercise to avoid being overweight and are prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease.

(Best Life)

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