The Top Tickets We’d Splurge on Include the Super Bowl, Coachella, and Taylor Swift

Dream scenario:  Would you rather see your favorite artist in concert, or go see your favorite team play in the Super Bowl?  Someone polled 2,000 Americans, and FAVORITE ARTIST was the top pick.  They asked people to name the top events they’d splurge on, more than $300 a ticket.  Here are the top five:

1.  Your favorite artist in concert.  76% would do it, or have before.

2.  Your favorite team in the Super Bowl, 64%.

3.  The NBA Finals, 47%.

4.  Taylor Swift, 36%.

5.  Coachella, 35%.  Around a third of us would also splurge to go see BeyoncéMetallica, or Madonna.

The poll found the average ticket-buyer has gone to four concerts in the past year.  Gen Z goes to the most events overall.


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