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Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is playing in the Super Bowl, you know what that means! Instead of Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “Watch Me Hug In Super Slo-Mo”

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Some people think this game’s about the Chiefs & 49ers
Be we all know that isn’t true…
Cuz there’s a reason every time that Travis scores a Touchdown,
The Camera Pans to You know who…

I’ve sold out football stadiums just like this,
My Ticket prices cost twice as,
What this game Entices
Guess I’m just Well Liked?
People keep Screamin’, Believin’
Thinkin’ the NFL’s Schemin’
cuz after every completion the spotlight shine…

On me! Hi! I’m the girlfriend, that’s Me!
At game time in the Luxury Suites
Don’t show the Replay of that one handed catch that the player did
You’d Rather watch me hug my Boyfriend’s mom in
Super Slow-Mo
“Look at that Perfect Form on that High Five from Taylor!”

You tell you friends you only watch the game cuz it’s in Vegas
You say the Prop Bets are a Thrill…
But your only wager’s if Trav mentions my name with the Trophy
Or Pops the Question on the Field

I’ve heard the Blatant Male Chauvinism,
Crying about Feminism
I’m richer than All of them (Like Oprah, but I’m White)

You find my Cheering Displeasing
But there’s no way you’re conceiving
The love my Tight End’s Receiving, when we lock eyes!

TV tries… but they can not find Me! (Camera Can’t find Me !)
I’m behind…a shirtless Jason Kelce!
Nowhere to hide, not even when they break for Advertisements,
Since my Boyfriend Stars in over half the Super Bowl commercials
“Travis Kelce ‘SHAKES IT OFF’ with Core Power Protien Shakes, by Pfizer!”

I had a dream, that at the Halftime show all of the Swifties
Decide to rise up & Rebel…
Usher says “Yeah!” but they say “Nah, we’d rather hear more Taylor”
And Crown me Queen of the NFL!

Post Game Time, Trophy Ceremony
They’re Sayin’ I’m named the Game MVP?
OK, fine…. All the Players Agree, Even Coach Andy Reid!

Each Week, Climb Record TV Ratings!
Could be My Lucky Number 13?
After the game, I’ll whisper secrets in my Boyfriend’s Ears
It must be confusing, having all your wives be into football

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