We Stream So Much Content Now, It’s Like a Part-Time Job

If you quit watching TV tomorrow, you’d have time for a SECOND JOB.  At least one that’s part-time:  A survey found the average American streams 1,112 hours of shows and movies a year.  That’s over 21 hours a week.

5,000 Americans were polled, 100 in every state.  Here are a few more quick stats on America’s streaming habits . . .

1.  The state that streams the most is Wyoming, where 40% of people stream more than 50 hours of content a week.  That’s enough for a FULL-TIME job.  But what else is there to do in Wyoming?  Can you really blame them?

2.  Minnesota is the top state for true crime shows . . . Indiana watches the most dramas . . . Nevada loves romantic comedies . . . and people in Idaho are the most likely to stream the same movie over and over again.

3.  “Netflix and chill”?  57% think streaming while hooking up is an acceptable FIRST DATE now.  But once you’re through the hook-up stage, you better be into the same stuff.  Having a different taste in movies is a deal-breaker for 45% of us.

4.  Holiday movies are big this time of year, but not ONLY this time of year.  Two-thirds occasionally watch them other times.  74% of women and 60% of men.  The state where people are most likely to watch Christmas movies out-of-season is Alaska.  93% of Alaskans said they do it.

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