Would You Rather Have a 100% Chance of Winning $1 Million, or a 75% Chance at $100 Billion

You missed the Mega Millions jackpot again, but at least you didn’t blow $600 on tickets like one guy in Southern California.  Also, the Powerball is tonight, so keep dreaming.  But here’s a fun hypothetical:  Would you rather have a 100% chance of winning $1 million . . . or a 75% chance at winning $100 BILLION?

The first option is guaranteed money that could change your life.  The second would make you one of the richest people in the world . . . but there’s a 1 in 4 chance you get nothing.

Someone polled over 1,500 people on Reddit, and it’s close.  But most said they’d roll the dice.

48% would go for the guaranteed money . . . 52% would risk it to go for the 100 billion.

I’m not gonna say I’d pass up the chance for 100 billion. . . but I’m also not going to say that my recent Google search history involved a lot of sites telling me how I could live off the interest of taking the guaranteed million–but yeah that’s what I’d grab, personally.


(The Reddit person actually made the first choice $700,000 for some reason, but it’s essentially the same question.)

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